On the road to Twin Lakes. Negros Oriental 2003.


Here's The Family Visiting Mom's Place For Christmas 2007


Cousin Marie, Erby's Aunt Mommy, Erby, Vergie, William, Mom, Edgar and baby MMJ.
Honey, Cousin Marie, Erby, Edgar, Me, Margie, William, (Left Pic) Vergie, (Right Pic)16 Year Old niece Lhouriefel, April and Mom (Sylvia) are on the floor in front.
In the pictures above Margie's brother William looks pretty hungry.

April and Honey


Edgar and his sweetie Erby.

Dahila and Mylinda

The two young lady's above our cousin Dahila and our friend Mylinda are both single and looking for good husbands. They are both in their mid 20's and are really sweet girls. Dahila works at the front desk of a hotel in Cebu City.

Cousin Dahila and Family Friend Mylinda

Hey guys their 20 something single and looking.

Manny Pacquiao didn't actually visit us but Edgar

did manage to get a nice picture with him anyway.


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