Jimmy The Wireless Antenna Installer

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These pictures show the work involved in setting up a wireless Internet connection for my computer in the Philippines. The first set of pictures were taken on March 17, 2005. At that time they set up a 60 foot antenna next to my original Satellite Internet Dish (that never worked right but cost about $125 a month). It isn't pictured here but a rock with a round depression in it is sitting on the ground and is supporting the bottom of the pole he is climbing on. The rock keeps the pole from sinking into the ground.

Here Jimmy the climber is hooking up the guy wires to support the antenna. The pipe comes in 20 foot lengths. While it was on the ground he inserted a 1 inch pipe inside a 1-1/4 inch pipe inside the 1-1/2 inch pipe that is at the bottom of the whole thing.

As the installer gets the guy wires set up at one level he then extends the next pipe up out of the pipe below it and puts up the guy wires for that one. You will notice that he smokes. I am not sure that this is any more dangerous than the work he is doing.

Here you can see him extending the pipe up too the 40 foot level.

When he gets up to the next level he has his helper on the ground send up more sections of guy wire via a rope.

While he is working in any one spot for more than a minute or two he sits on a small piece of bamboo tied to a piece of rope.

The piece of bamboo he sits on doesn't look all that comfortable to me. Here you can see him at the 40 foot level as he is attaching the antenna and modem to the top of the pole. The modem is inside a "High Tech" plastic box called Tupperware.


On June 11th 2005 they came back and added another 20 feet to my antenna pole. This extended it up to 80 feet.  When he installed the first antenna he only went up 40 feet on the 60 foot pole and then pushed up the remaining 20 feet up.

During this visit I had them move the antenna into the old mast pipe where the Satellite dish used to be. This is a very strong mast that goes down into the ground 5 feet incased in concrete. At the bottom of the 5 food pit there is a 10 food ground rod welded to the pipe.


Here you can see pictures of him adding the last piece of pipe that took this antenna up to 80 feet. He is sitting at just over 60 feet in the air.

In these pictures the installer is working up at the 60 foot level. He doesn't use any safety gear or belts while he is working.

As you can see he is working so high up (almost 8 stories) that I had to get about 100 yards from the house to get a picture that gives perspective to just how high he really is.

Update August 4th 2005.

On the left you can see that the original antenna was a short wire antenna. The equipment box was a lightweight Tupperware container. On the right you see the installer putting up the new dish.

After several months of trying to get the old antenna to work correctly, they modified a dish designed to work for Satellite TV to make it work as a wireless internet antenna.

Here you see the install holding up the new heavy dish and equipment box at the top of the 80 foot pole. The antenna pole at this height is a piece of 3/4 inch galvanized pipe. The new dish finally gave me reliable internet service, but boy does it sway in the wind.

The antenna was struck by lightning twice during one week in October of 2005. The first time while my computer was plugged in and running. Everything in the computer room lit up. but nothing was damaged. The only reason I can figure for the lack of damage is the fact that I installed a 10 foot ground rod at the base of the antenna (welded to the base of the pole 5 feet underground) and another one 10 meters away attached to the first one.

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