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Hey! Look what Rob and Vergie Did....

May I present Samantha Nicole Phillips

Born March 4th, 2009.


One Day Old Samantha Fresh Home From The Hospital March 5, 2009

Below are additional pictures Rob has sent me since Samantha was born. These pictures are in Medium resolution

for those of you who have a low speed connection to the Internet. If you have an High-Speed Internet

connection you can click on the individual photos and see the hi-res version.

Rob's Mom With Samantha

Update: Vergie moved to Las Vegas on April 2nd 2008 where her and Rob were married on June 14th, 2008. They then moved to Siloam Springs Arkansas Around December 1st, where Rob manages a "Fine Dining" restaurant in an Indian Casino.


This collection of pictures of my Sister In-Law Vergie was placed here for her fiancÚ Rob in Las Vegas Nevada. As of April 2nd, 2008 Vergie flew off to Las Vegas Nevada.



I will update this page soon the coincide with recent developments (Samantha).

Hi Rob!

"Chris & Casey" Margie Rob and Vergie @ the Dumaguete City Airport for Rob's trip back to Las Vegas. Its hard to imagine but four of the five people in this photograph have lived in Las Vegas. Vergie will finally go there April 3rd 2008.

Bailey's Guyz

Beauty Girls @ Holiday Plaza Cebu City.

Carmen in Wonderland.(UK)

Carmen and Kevin with Kevin's Son and Family.

Chad and Verg at Bahura Resort

Vergie @ The Chocolate Hills on Bahol

Rob and Family (UK)


Happy group at the Floating Restaurant.

Verg and Rob having Coffee @ DGTE Airport.

Biker Babe!

Verg @ Pura Vida Resort Dauin.

Verg and Rog @ Sea Forest Resort.

Verg on a Big Bike.

Still drinking coffee.

Verg and Margie

Verg @ Home.

Verg Rob and Friends Resort Dinning

Verg and Rob enjoying a beer @ Tambobo.

Verg at the Pool at Bahura Resort Dauin

Verg at resort on Cebu



Good looking family photo Holiday Plaza Roof Top Cebu.

Holiday Plaza Cebu City

Tala na oi!

The guys and Gals.

Three Musketeers

Hungry Sleepy Heads

Verg and Dahlia @ Kingfisher Hotel

Verg @ Bahura again.

Verg @ C&L during Rob's visit DGTE

Verg @ Bahura Pool.

Verg and Carm @ Bahura

Verg, Carmen & Dahila at the pool.

Holiday Plaza Cebu Rooftop Restaurant

Verg @ Boracay.

White Sand Beach Boracay.

Vergie and Dahila at the Castaways Resort in 2004


Hey it's Vergie.




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