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Tambobo Bay Negros Oriental

We get around the Island a little and visit friends in different places. A couple of our friends Nigel and Pilar run the Tongo Sail Inn. It is located at Tambobo Bay on the South Eastern Tip of Negros Oriental. I thought I would include a few pictures from Tambobo here. Actually I only have a few or I would do more.  I will take some photos of one of the Cruising Catamarans Nigel is building and add it soon. All but four of these pictures were taken in September of 2003 and the others were taken  April 2006. You can see in the last four photos that the bar has been remodeled since 2003. If you have a spare $50,000 you can pick up one of the sailboats Nigel builds there.


As of July 2006 they have 14 children between them.

Nigel and Pilar

A beautiful lady visiting Tongo Sail Inn.

Mindanao can be seen 60 Kilometers in the distance.

The tides out so I can take a picture of the bar from the ocean side.

Nigel talks with author William Travis (Sharks for Sale)

This point across the channel is 6 kilometers away by road.

Our friend Richard visiting Tambobo with us Sept 2003.

I stitched together 3 photographs to make this composite of the entrance to the bay. This perspective kind of squashes things together. Tambobo Bay is a natural Typhoon safe harbor and always has a bunch of Yatchies  who have  stopped over to relax and pick up supplies. As of April 2006 there are about 40 boats at anchorages in the bay. According to the Tongo Sail Inn web site the bay has a "Safe Typhoon anchorage -Maximum recommended draft 15 feet Max. Water depth  at anchorage about 6 fathoms (36ft)." If you are interested in stopping by.

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