These are some photos of us, our friends and our family that have been taken over the past several years (as of 2003). Most of them are from our 4 month trip to the Philippines in 2003 (which means they're getting older by the minute).

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Marge at the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere. Were? Death Valley California. 282 Ft. below sea level in case you can't read the sign

January 2004.

This is my 27 year old son Ed. He lives in Windsor California with his Mom Chris.

Ed was a cook at the River Rock Casino near Geyserville California when this was taken.

This is our custom bike. It was built for us by friends in Willits California in 2000.

Nice to look at expensive to keep running. If you ever decide to have a custom bike built, DON'T. Get one from Harley Davidson that has a gaurntee. .SOLD May 5th, 2004.

These are our friends Pete and Betty. Pete and I worked together at Pacific Bell forever and a day.

Pete keeps telling me I'm a "Crummy Bastard". Who knows he may be right.

My pal Tom. Tom is my camera guru. Without his help all of my shots would be slightly out of focus. Kind of like my life. Tom is also a computer guru.

Our friends Tom and Lotis with their son Sean at their house in Cotati California.

Our friends from Antioch California Bill and Dolly at a resort in Amlan 40 km north of Dumaguete.

October 2003.

Marge and her buddy Beth.We lived with Beth and her husband Bill for 3 months in 1999 when we returned from the Philippines.

Beth Margie and Dolly. Beth is from Petaluma and Dolly lives in Antioch. Beth and Dolly met and became good friends while working in Malasia.

Virgie, Cousin Carmen (she is engaged to a man from England) and their friend Dahlia at the Dauin Fiesta.

The family loaded up and ready for me to give them a ride back to their homes a few miles away.

Our friends Cyril and Charito. They live in Bose Idaho. Charito is from Dumaguete City.

Chris with her husband George and their son KC. Las Vegas Jan 2004.

We got this great shot of a coyote at Scotties Castle in Death Valley January 2004.

Our friends William and Tessee. William and Tessee are engaged. They are waiting for a visa so they can come back to the USA and get married.

William ownes a small farm in Watsonville California.

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On the road to Twin Lakes. Negros Oriental 2003.