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Forget the "Deadliest Catch" on The Discovery Channel.

These are the people who are really working out there on the edge. Their video is even more spectacular than that on regular TV. They do all of their own camera work too. Of course they have a better back drop to work with than just the sometimes flat Bearing Sea.

If you want to watch some very smart people working hard to forward mans understanding of the universe and the world around him then click here to watch "NASA TV" and see the astronauts live from space. At least it's live when the Shuttle is up or when the space station crew is working outside. Check it out.



Me in 1967

It's Me in 1967.

Margie, Sis & Eric.

Gary Heinze

Margie 2007. Man was it cold out.

This is where I am supposed to tell you what interests me. Things like Computers Reading, Food, Travel, and seeing the doctor (This isn't really one of my interests but I seem to do it a lot so I thought I would mention it.). There's not enough of them to have a whole page of their own, so I'll just put more pictures here to bore you. Okay, Okay here are a few just links to keep you interested.

  • Central Camera In Chicago - Here is a great place to get good deals and honest answers about cameras.

  • The Smoke Ring - Smoking meat is the best way to cook it. Here is a link to the "Smoke Ring" where you will find all sorts of information on cooking BBQ with SMOKE.

  • SF Giants Base Ball. - Best base Ball Team In The World.

  • Dilbert's Official Web Page - Hero of the Office Cube (I used to liver in one 8 hours a day). By Scott Adams.

  • Visayan Daily Star Newspaper Philippines - Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental The Philippines. Here are a couple of sites there.

  • U.S. Embassy Philippines - The US Embassy in the Philippines has the latest info on traveling there.

  • Dumaguete Info Online -  A good site fro information about Dumaguete and the surrounding area.

  • Philippine Diver Home Page - Our friend, Cory's blog page about his experiences getting to and living in Dumaguete City and meeting his sweet wife Lyn.

  • Jon Carroll PhotoJon Carroll Jon is one of the San Francisco Chronicle's best columnists. He has some crazy ideas that suit me perfectly.

  • Who Called Us Just got a phone call and don't know who it was from. Try this web site to find out who called you.

  • Victoria's Secret Want some nice Lingerie?

  • Get My FBI File Ever wonder what the feds have on you. Probably not much. Well here's your chance to find out. Just provide a little info and click on print or you can cut and paste the blank page to your favorite word processor and then fill in the blanks. Check it out.

  • The Fuller Brush Company Hey I used to sell this stuff (back in the dark ages when brushes were still made from stone). Yep there still around.

  • Internet Movie Database  Got a question about an actor or movie you just saw. Then check here.

  • Hot Dog On A Stick There is nothing more American than Lemonade except Hot Dogs and Lemonade together in one place. This is the place.

  • Purplus Software These people have been selling me discount software since the 90's. They are right down in San Rafael Calif. Check out their low prices and subscribe to their email offers.


Kiwi Lodge Cebu October 2003.Cousin Steve and Anut Juneau70 Checkout stands at a super market in Manilla

Modified Motorcycle,PediCab-Trycycle.

Local Fauna and Local Transportation.


I like to read a lot. Some of my Favorite Authors include Kurt Vonnegut, Dean Koontz, Tom Clancy, Stephen King, Ken Dalton and many others. These guys have kept me entertained and given me some of my weird ideas. You can click on their names to go to their web sites if you like.


Three Year Old April (Margie's Neice) November 2003.

Cutie Cute Cute. (A/O Nov. 2003)

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On the road to Twin Lakes. Negros Oriental 2003.

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