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We recently took a trip to the island of Cebu. (April 2-4 2006) I decided to drive. The whole trip to the city of Cebu on the island of Cebu is 170 kilometers and takes 5 hours including the boat ride.

 We drove up the coast about 20 kilometers North of Dumaguete and took the ferry. When I asked the Skipper of the ferry how old the boat was he only said, "MacArthur" (see photo at the bottom of the page) . These boats seem that old. According to what I could find on the web these look like LCT's either Mk 5's or the later built LCU 1466 class boats. I only had a few pictures to look at to see the difference and I couldn't tell.

  The yellow bus you see near my van is a Ceres Liner. These big yellow buses are the most dangerous vehicles on the highway. They pass other vehicles while going around corners and will pass into oncoming traffic expecting the driver coming in the opposite direction to drive on the shoulder of the road. The one shown here is the smaller version. Several of the expat's here don't like to drive because of them.


Driving aboard.

Our van is hidden behind the scary yellow bus.

General Douglas MacArthur
Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers

Returns to the Philippines. Note the LCT in the background.


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