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I don't know if there are too many pictures or not, but I wanted people to get and idea of what things looked like from every angle. This project took almost 4 months to complete. Margie would like to have the house painted when every thing is really done. That will have to wait. I want to have a concrete laundry area put in on the left side of the house at the back. There would be concrete counters and deep sinks  that  would drain into our grey water tank. Right now the lady's squat out back and pound the laundry on rocks (no kidding) and all of the water runs into a trench where Lamok( mosquito's) breed. This area would also serve for an outside area to do dishes during really big family gatherings and fiesta's when literally 100's of people show up and stay all day.

 The roof area will be sealed up with marine plywood and the whole area inside will be covered with sheets of indoor plywood to form a really big storage area for the things people don't need every day. It will be accessed through a door above the deck outside the computer room.

Two different views of the kitchen area before construction started.

Left is a picture of the other side of the Kitchen/CR area before construction. Right is the kitchen and CR area after the roof has been removed.

Left is one of the construction workers standing with my brother in-law Edgar in a temporary storage area talking to the construction workers on the right who are preparing the steel for the floors columns and walls.

Sand, gravel, hollow blocks, and steel for the build. We had a couple thousand hollow blocks delivered along with a whole lot more steel and concrete before the project was complete.

Excavations for the column supports and trenches for the foundations.

This is Margie brushing her teeth at the kitchen sink. Just to the right of this area is the shower and toiler (CR) We had little use of this area for over a month and then it got worse.

The picture on the left shows both the CR and the shower. The picture on the right was taken just before they made the CR very hard to use. Shortly after these pictures were taken they put a large piece of coconut lumber right against the front of the toilet basin to support the concrete being poured upstairs. You had to straddle it when you sat down. It was real fun. I only got one splinter in my leg from it.

The steel columns and their footings go in.

More steel and a new hole for a support column in the kitchen floor.

Coconut wood supports for forms start to go up in the kitchen / CR area as the kitchen sink moves outside. Note the modern black sink in use by Margie on the left, it is located in the carport directly across from the old kitchen.

Columns and columns poured to the half way point. Foundations to follow.

Lots of steel went to the project. Not the protective gear these workers wear (bare feet and shorts). I paid most of them about $3.00 a day for a 10 hour day.

Steel work starts on the floor upstairs. At right is my brother in-law Nunoy in white with a head band. The guy in blue was there for the whole project and I never saw him fooling around, he worked his ass off the whole time. He is about 5 feet tall and he dug a 10 to 12 foot deep hole for the new septic tank all by himself.

Left is the Design Team consisting of the construction foreman (my brother in-law Edgar in the blue t-shirt) and two close friends of his from Mindanao. Right is a strange looking beam near the front of the new project.

These two pictures are from my mother in-laws bedroom (she has since moved into a new room and her old bedroom now enlarged has become my computer room) during construction.

On Saturday of the forth week they poured the upstairs floor slab. They started at 7AM.

Note the method of throwing a bucket of concrete up to the second floor. This went on for over 12 hours.

This is the only time they used the cement mixer. 3 bags sand, 2 bags gravel, 1 bag Portland cement, add water, mix for a few minutes and pour.

The guy downstairs pounds on the form with a heavy hammer to make the concrete settle properly.

This is what the steel looked like before they started pouring. They covered a lot of steel this day.

Work, Work, Work.

Note Margie in the background dressed for the hard work going on in front of her.

Margie and I went out and bought a well deserved dinner for these guys. These had to be some exhausted guys by this time. I think we fed them around 8PM. They had started at 7AM and had a very short lunch break.

They say it's a jungle out there. Well this jungle is where our kitchen and CR used to be. All of this Coconut lumber and bamboo was needed to support the forms for all of the steel and the concrete we poured over it.

Forms come down and the walls go up.

Scaffolding set up so they could build the upstairs walls.

Walls being repaired and new plumbing going in. Not that the same workers seem to be doing carpentry and masonry and plumbing work.

The kitchen starts to look like a kitchen again while the new roof goes on.

The roof tin gets sealed with a special paint. After it was up I had all of the nail holes sealed and had it painted white to keep down the heat.

The middle of week 8 we finally have the kitchen back.

Construction supervisor's look on as worker sets beam upstairs. Again I would like to point out the heavy protective gear worn by these workers. heavy T-Shirt, heavy Shorts and heavy Flip Flops, Oh and a very heavy beam to support the ceilings.

Hardest worker on the whole project.


Despite my constant supervision this project was eventually finished. Actually it took 14 weeks to get from the first photo to here.



Left is a close up of the bedroom window. Right is the left side of the house.

Left is another picture of the whole left side of the house. The unfinished room downstairs will be completed as soon as funds are available. Right is a picture of the back of the house from the left side.

Black Jack the dog is hanging out behind the kitchen. The upstairs deck is as yet unfunded. Maybe it will be finished in August. Right is a nice picture of all of the Euphorbia (don't ask me) in pots outside the front door.

Another picture of the bedroom window and the unfinished room. The unfinished room still has a dirt floor. It needs a lot of work including a door. Right is the corner of the bedroom looking into the John/Bathroom/CR.

The bedroom window from inside. It looks a lot better from in here. Note the beautiful US Flag Afghan supplied by my sister Shirley.

More pictures of the bed and tile.

This is the walk in closet. We were planning a nice sliding door and then realized that it would take up too much room. We may just stick with the adjustable shower rod and shower curtain we brought from the US. We will have metal shelf's and clothing rods installed shortly. My brother in-law Edgar has a friend that will make them out of Stainless Steel for a real low price.

Like I said the closet needs shelf's and permanent clothes hanger bars. The bathroom is very large by Filipino standards. They usually have a small room with a toilet and a shower head on the wall right next to it. One good thing about that is that the toilet gets washed down several times a day. We will have a "Mirrored Medicine Cabinet" made next month to go over the bathroom vanity.

Our fiberglass tub and shower gets it hot water from a "Instant" hot water heater under the sink. The lights in the house dim and the 220VAC drops to about 205 when we turn on the water. I have 2 automatic voltage regulators hooked to all of the computer equipment in the house to keep things like this from damaging the expensive equipment.

The American style bathtub. This was a real pain as not many people have something like this. The plumber had the tub in and out about 20 times until I told him exactly what I thought he should do and made sure that is what he did. The brass plumbing that came with the tub had them really messed up. I had to have them chip through the concrete under the tub to make things right.

Bedroom door into the computer room.

The door on the left leads to the second floor landing in the living room where the stairs are. The sliding door leads from the unfinished deck into the computer room. Both the bedroom and computer room have Air Conditioners.

Looking out of the computer room doors.

The air conditioner is in the left corner above the vacuum cleaner. There will be shelves built below it to accommodate all of the stuff we have accumulated over the years. I want to add cabinets above the computer at a later date. The existing cabinet was my mother in-laws closet before she moved to the room next door. The computer desk was hand made for me by a local furniture store. They made it a lot bigger than I ordered. We had to have it put into the computer room before the sliding glass door went on or it wouldn't have fit.

More pictures of the computer room. The Ivory box with the red switch behind the computer is the automatic voltage regulator.

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