In Our Living Room Nov 29 2010.
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Margie Doing Her Gum Comerical Pose on the Ferry To Victoria BC

I love it when she laugh's.

Margie Mitizi and Imelda Aug 2009


Nigel and Pilar owners of "Tongo Sail In" Resort, Tambobo 2003.


Welcome to our Web site!

We live in Nampa Idaho as of  Sept 2016.

Margie and I lmoved back to the Philippines about the middle of September 2014.

I first moved to Dumaguete City in March of 1998 after I retired from "The Phone Company". At the time I moved there I had no plans to marry, I just wanted to have fun.....In my first three months there I met and married Margie.

At some future date we would like to build a house on a lot we own near Margie's Mom's house in Philippines. At this time the lot feeds several goats and a Water Buffalo. Dumaguete City is a rural city and made up of many districts, about two thirds of which are agricultural.

I worked as technician at Pacific Bell/SBC/AT&T for 30 years. I retired in 1996. I spent several years (off and on) working at SPRINT PCS after leaving The Phone Company. I left SPRINT PCS due to Prostrate Cancer and many other complications in June of 2002.

Margie is from Dumaguete City which is on the Island of Negros in the Central Philippines. When I met Margie she was working as the manager of the pants department in a department store named Tops and Bottoms (This is where I was introduced to her).

Margie's province, Negros Oriental is located in the Visayas (pronounced "Ba sigh ass"), they even speak their own dialect there, Visayan/Cebuano. Margie has worked as a technician at Agilent Technologies (HP) and at the Payless Shoe Source in Rohnert Park after Agilent Technologies moved all of their work offshore. When Margie stopped working for Payless in Nampa in 2014 (to move back to Dumaguete) her sister Virgie took her place. When we came back to Idaho in May of 2015 Payless offered Margie a job as a Manager but she had already taken a position at Dillardís Department Store , Boise in the shoe department. She left Dillardís in August of 2016. She will probably go back to The Payless Shoe Source.

Since we were married we have lived in Dumaguete City three times (6 1/2  years total) Rohnert Park California,  Las Vegas, and Nampa Idaho. We lived in Las Vegas once, Dumaguete City three times, Rohnert Park two times,  and Nampa twice, (we moved to much). During our two years in Las Vegas we lived with my Late Sister Shirley and her husband Frank. They must be angels to have put up with us for 2 years. Thanks be to God for their help. Shirley and Frank later moved to Sequim Washington. My sister passed away at the end of 2012.

We have bought another house in Nampa Idaho and are happy here. I will never move again if I can help it.

If you want to see something scary you should look at the photo of me at the very bottom of this page.


As you look at this picture ask yourself "What happened to all of the men?"  This is only part of Margie's Cousins and Aunts and Nieces from Dumaguete City. About another million relatives couldn't make this night.

17 girls and 1 guy.

Our Philippine Family Circa 2002.

Starting on the left is, aaahh...... Well lets see? There's aaaahh. Oh heck! I can't remember everybody's name. The doctor says that I'm "Dain Bramaged". I know that they are all Cousins and Aunts In-laws and Nieces though. Well, come to think of it there is one male in the picture, that's the little guy in the right front.  His name is John Lennon. Now it 2014, some 12 years larer and a few of the young people in this photo have all grown up and a couple have even started fanilies of their own. A few are still kids (very few). My niece who was 9 when this photo was taken is a 22 year old school teacher now.

On the road to Twin Lakes. Negros Oriental 2003.

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Me Circa 1971/72. San Mateo California. I guess you could have called me a "F%$#ing Hippie". This was while I was working as a Residential Telephone Installer @ Pacific Bell in SF in and around the Haight-Ashbury District. I fit right in with the folks who lived there then.

 I only entered a Barber Shop once during the next two years and that was because I was sent there to repair a Coin Phone mounted on the wall at the back of the shop.

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