Some of the many Emblem/Trade Marks representing the Original Bell System's Company's.


The people below all worked for a company that has changed it name more times than Elizabeth Taylor's been married. The courts broke up the "Bell System in 1983. Slowly they are putting it back together again, as AT&T. To make remembering the name easier for us aging retirees we just call it:

The Phone Company

Most of these people have retired by now as these pictures were taken about 16 years ago when the Rohnert Park SCC (Switching Control Center) was closed and it functions were transferred to Sacramento Ca. A lot of them had to followed their jobs to Sacramento. We were a dedicated bunch and despite some quirks we all worked together pretty well. We monitored and maintained all of the electronic telephone switches in Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Lake & Humboldt counties along the North Coast of California.

Despite the smiling faces this was a very hard time for all of us. We really didn't see the need to close down our work site and force many of us to move away from our homes and friends in Sonoma County.

 I recently discovered these pictures in a box in my "Computer Room" here in Dumaguete City. My wife and I will be moving back to Rohnert Park September 2, 2008 and I wanted to preserve them by placing them here.

If I make a mistake spelling any names feel free to contact me via the guest book located on  the main page for this site at .

These pictures were all taken with a Pentax PZ-10 35mm camera and then scanned (07-29-2008) using my HP psc 1210 scanner .

Mike and Betty Joe ShoemacherCarole and Dennis DeMoss
Bill W?Clay Wilson and Ginny Bourns
Colleen Mathews and Barbara AbraoJoan Hall and Irma Ruiz
Cliff MiscovichMarcia Johnson
Yvette,?, Amy, KathyCandy Chavez
Dennis De Moss and Peggy Santiago (our boss)Maria, Rosie, Bev (Ramsey?)
? and Doris RobertsHusband and wife, Joyce Redmond and Jim Palumbo
John Smith and Penny ?Marilyn Bartow
Margaret WalkerMike Weitenhagen & Marian Herman
Karen Allen Garrett and Russ GreenOCS Roy ? (Official Company Services)
Bill W? and Larry ArendsPete Christianson and Dick Vanderjack
OCS Pete and our Boss Peggy SantiagoRuss Green and Sue Champagne
Marilyn and Rodney Penland.Sue Champagne with Kathy Stanley and Betty Jo Shoemacher
Darlene Anderson,  Jack Etheridge and  Shelley RamseyEloise White & Wendy Meybenbauer. (Wendy later married Jack in the photo at the right )

Near the end of the process of closing the Rohnert Park SCC we had a get together at Carole and Dennis DeMoss's house.

Bill Graves, Rodney Penland and Doris Roberts.
Marge Graves, Amy Whitt, Betty Christianson, Curly Barber & Karen Allen Garrett.Marcia Johnson and Marilyn Bartow.
Doris Roberts and her husband.Doris Roberts Dennis and Carole DeMoss and Doris's Husband.
Irma Ruiz, Pete Christianson and John Smith.Betty Christianson.
Gary Fritsche Steve Willis & Joe Runion.Gary, Joe, Rodney, Dennis.
Joan Hall and Lynn Sousa from OCS.Kathy ?, Irma Ruiz and Carole DeMoss.
Dennis, Kathy ?, Curly and Peggy.Kathy ?, Curly Barber and Doris Roberts.
Marilyn Bartow and Robert Garrett (Karen Allen Garrett's Husband).Marilyn Bartow and ? from OCS.
Mike Weitenhagen and Wife and Peggy Santiago.Marilyn Penland, Kathy Stanley and Karen Allen Garrett.
Mike, Rodney, Gary and Joe.Millie Heart and Duane Strebe. (Now Married)
Lynn and Pete from the OSC group.Pete,  Kathy Stanley, Carole, Karen and Karen?
 Kathy Stanley, Patti Hecht, Karen and Marilyn.Carole and Dennis's living room.
Pete foraging in the kitchen with Mike and his wife.Dennis and Carole's deck ala Phone Company.
That's all I've got. I really enjoyed working with these people. They are spread all over the place now. I don't know where many of them have gone. Wherever they are I am sure they are stirring up some sort of trouble as that is the nature of those of us who spent too many years working  at,


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