Our Friends in the Philippines and us getting together to have fun or just stuff our faces, or maybe just to swap some BS.



Lynn's (center) Birthday at Scott and Lynn's house

Fat man grazing.

Plenty of food and females.

Paul and Ginalyn. Paul's and artist. I get some pictures of his work soon.

Our Friend Raymond. Retired Navy/Marine from SF Bay Area

Scott and Doris had their house warming party 01-12-2007. Here's a few pictures. This is the second party of the day.

American Dave and Scott

Bob Preston and Family. Daughter Christine (left) is visiting from WA.

On the left above is the new house in Bagacay; Dumaguete City, built by our friends Scott and Doris who are pictured on the right above. Scott is an import from Australia. Unlike most of the Aussy's around here Scott speaks English. Just kidding.

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