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 USA. Our Old Custom Bike (Circa 2000).

Custom Bike California Style.



Click this link Wheels In Motion if you don't feel like reading all of this page or the one at the bottom of the page to find a motorcycle safety course in your area where you can go to learn the basics before you come to the Philippines.....


 A motorcycle is the cheapest way to get around and there are literally millions of them on the roads. The city I live in, Dumaguete is said to be the Motorcycle Capital of the Philippines. I donít know if that is true but we sure have a lot of bikes running around here.

 Wife and Sister In-Law on Honda Philippines.

Seeing as the roads can be very dangerous here you should come prepared by knowing the basics about a motorcycle and how to safely handle it.

 Common Transport in the Philippines.

 Parking lot.


The motorcycle is like the family car here. It is nothing to see a family of 4 or 5 riding on a Honda or some other brand 125cc motorcycle while headed for town. The baby usually sits on the gas tank holding the handle bars between the dadís arms and legs. Smaller infants are carried between the mom and dad with other kids hanging off the back of the bike. In rural areas kids start to learn to ride around 10 years old. I mean I have actually seen my young nieces and nephews riding on many occasions with 2 or 3 other kids on the back of their parents 100cc motorcycles.


Custom Bike Philippine Style. Nice Chrome Motor.


While driving a car or truck here people will pass you on the right on their motorcycles, or they will pass you on the left while you are signaling a left turn with lights and your arm. Iíve hit 3 of these with my Van so far with only minor injuries to one rider; all agreed it was their faults for passing me even though I had the signals on. If you injure someone here it will always be your fault, even when they are in the wrong. You will pay.

  Custom Chrome Motor.


People here will stop in the middle of the road for no reason. They will turn left in front of you from the right side of your lane or even from the shoulder. They will turn left in front of you from the opposite side of the road with out using their signals.  Itís a real jungle out there even when you are in the city. Did I mention that you have to watch out for these huge yellow buses that drive on what ever side of the road suits them and honk for you to get out of the way even when they are passing someone while going around a blind curve on the wrong side of the road? Itís ďScaryĒ!


Dumaguete City Pedi Cab/Tricycle. Usually has smaller driver who isn't from Nevada. Note the 125cc motor. It will hold 10 or 11 people, No Kidding. The common joke about a Pedi Cab is Question:  "Do you know how many people you can fit on a Pedi Cab? Answer: "Just one more".


With all of this you can still get around safely and have a lot of fun. There are places you would be better off using a motorcycle to get to than a car or truck. New bikes can be had for around $2,000.00. Used bikes can be had for half of that.


Tricycles' downtown.


 Something to remember is that there are laws here that govern riding and driving here, but it is hard to find someone to enforce them. You will have to get a Philippine Drivers License if you plan on staying here for an extended period and driving yourself around.

 Another thing to remember is that in rural areas medical care can be limited, although they can usually treat broken bones fairly well at the local hospitals. I have had several friends end up in the hospital because they got in traffic accidents before they really knew how to ride very well.

Parking anyoneFour on a bike


 You just need to know a little about what you are doing before you come and start getting experience on the roads here. There is no substitute for experience. So......


If you can learn the basics there, you'll be much better prepared for riding here.


 The long and the short of it is that these courses are usually fairly cheap ($250) and are worth every penny.  Even though I have been riding for a long time and started in the USA with a Harley Davidson I still took the basic course in California and learned a lot, it has made all the difference in the world.

For information about Motorcycle Training Courses in the USA click on the link below.




In California you can get all the information you need about a course in your area by calling 1-800-RIDE411, that is 1-800-743-3411.


Ride Safely.



Traffic Jam and a real Cow-a-Saki motorcycle. Yes the steer is on a motorcycle. There is enough room in the sidecar for about 4 pigs if you tie them up tight.

Work Vehicles.


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On the road to Twin Lakes. Negros Oriental 2003.

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