Homeward Bound


Boy is this out of date: As of late September 2014 we have moved back to Dumaguete City: We moved to Rohnert Park for only one year and then moved on to Nampa Idaho for 5 more years. Now we are missing all of our great friends in both Rohnert Park and Nampa. We move too much.
Having said what I did abouve I thought you should know,]..... We moved back to Nampa Idaho Again in 2015 just 8 months after moving to Dumaguete City.

Due to health
(not too serious), being homesick and a few other issues we will be moving back to  Rohnert Park in Sonoma County, Northern California on September 2nd 2008 . We will miss all of the close friends we have come to know and love here in Dumaguete. These friends are from the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and France. They come from all walks of life. I would never had such a diverse group of friends anyplace but here. We're going to miss this is a truly beautiful place. Added as of May 2015., But not that much (I'm tired of living in the Philippines but not tired of the people, at least most of them).

Dave & Margie in front of our first apartment in Camanjac, Dumaguete City 1998.
The pictures below are from different places around Dumaguete and the Philippines. Bugs, birds, rain and a few people.
USS Ruben James FFG57 Visiting DGTE 2007.
Inside the SM Mega Mall - Grocery Store Manila. Almost 75 checkout stands.
Dumaguete Sunrise.Dumaguete Sunrise.
Alaya Shopping Mall Cebu. SM Mall Cebu.
Dave playing "Hide the Burger" in Cebu 2008.Modern Transportation.
Sugar Cane.More Sugar Cane.
Giant Green and Yellow Spider.Giant Green and Yellow Spider. Right in center of picture.
Banica River Flooding 2008.Heavy Rain 2008.
Good Bye Dumaguete. We miss you Mom.

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