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Bob and Gina

(Washington State, Ex-Self Storage Operator)


MY buddy Norman and his Sweetheart Elvie

 (Sunday Brunch at the Why Not)  (Retired? From San Francisco/Atlanta) Just Ignore that old fart to their left.



Scott and Lynn

(Retired ?)


William and Tessie (Reputed Godfather of the Ex-Pats.)

(California, Retired Construction and Renovation Expert. Update 11/15/2014 = William passd away several years ago)


William, John, Scott, Ely (Newspaper Mogul) and Marjorie



Davis and Margie (So I forgot to take a shot of Margie and Myself the other night.) (I'm a retired Communications Technician from Northern California).


Tessie, Myril, Margie, Lynn and Marjorie



Royce and Luica's House

Dave, Royce and and Pat at Royce and Luica's house in Sebulan.



John and Bambi (John is a retired bureaucrat from Fla.)


Margie and our Van at the New Panorama in Sibulan


             Phil, Rowena, and their daughter Chloe

(Phil is a school teacher from England)


       Cora and Kojak, (Retired US Army from Arizona).


Al and Raquel

(Retired Hunting Guide Alaska)


Margie and Rozel

(Williams Birthday March 11, 2006)



The Wife's Club at Williams 70th Birthday Party

(Nice. Very nice)



William and the Girls

(How he manages to flirt with 7 married women at the same time I can't guess.)


Alan, Gary, William, and Darrell

(Birthday Boy and friends March 11,2006)


Seven Women And One lucky Guy

(Same Party March 11,2006)


Tessie  and Friends (Raquel, Elvie, Marjorie and Margie)


Happy Birthday Tessie (Feb 13,2006)


Heinz and Jocelyn (Swiss)


Al and Mildred Van Deventer on their 32 Anniversary.


The Good Guys

(At least according to the Negros Chronicle)

These pictures were taken by the owner of the Negros Chronicle, Ely Dejaresco (Pictured several frames above on the left) , on Friday January 20th 2006, when he joined us for our regular Friday Night Buffet at the South Seas Resort in Dumaguete. Please go to his web site and frequent his advertisers.


From the Negros Chronicle Sunday January 29th 2006. Dave of Holland? Oh well!


Hey we're in the News Paper Again.

We must be celebrities.

From the Negros Chronicle March 12 2006 page 15.

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