I have more friends than I can count. More of them are not on these pages than are. I worked for 30 years for The Phone Company and only have pictures of a few of the bazillion friends I made there to include here. I will add more as I acquire them. Friends are the glue that holds life together. They are priceless and hard to come by.

     Friends Royce and Luiaca at Don and Meling's wedding August 2005. Royce is originally from Florida.

Virgie Margie Edgar and William

 Virgie, Margie, Edgar and William on mom's couch New Years eve 2004.

Marg adn Dave in an Acient Tree. 
Rice Paddies as far as the eye can see. 

Friends at Cove Sand BeacH Southern Negros

Visiting Canla-On Volcano with friends Eric and Eugen.

1000 Year Okd Banyan Tree 
Arizona Sunset

Dietmar and Lucy

Dietmar and Lucy at Dietmar's 70th birthday party. Married for over 25 years.

Rudi and Inday

Rudy and Inday. A bunch of regulars get together every Friday at Rudy's place for lunch.

St. Elizebeth Seaton Rohnert Park


Birthday Girl April

Alan and Mildred

Alan and Mildred. Al's a retired Telco Manager from NY City. (See Below)

David and Lisa

David (British) and Lisa Martin at Dietmar's party.

Lorifil and Cousin's At April's 7th Birthday

Crazy Men Boy and Dave at April's 7th Birthday


Leta and Caesar

Our friends Caesar (Swiss) and Leta at Ditmar's B-Day Party

Two Bird Brain's

Margie and I have gone to the birds. San Diego Wild Animal Park.


Lorifil and April


Margie and Dahlia at Pizza Butt, I mean Hut. (Dahlia's single)

Mike and Agnes

Another picture of Mike and Agnes at their Jewelry store in Santa Rosa Ca. Agnes is expecting. The Jewelers Warehouse is at 1791 Marlow Road if you want to buy some nice custom jewelry.


The Girls

It's us Margie and Davis


Our Friends Paul, Arlene and son JP visit June 2010.


Friend's at our house for the Pacquiao Marquez Fight Nov 12, 2011.


My buddy Mark Estrada and his family, Emily, Jeremy, (soon to be  Jeremy Estrada M.D.) and Mark's wife Ann. In the second photo CJ Estrada posing with me while he was working at Lyon's Restaurant in Rohnert Park in March of 1998 (Just two weeks before I moved to the Philippines).  CJ was away when I took the first picture in 2005. The above picture of CJ doesn't show him like he looked when I got back a year later. He had joined the Marines and worked out like mad before he went to Boot Camp. He looked like he could uproot an Oak tree bare handed (before boot camp).  He was among the first troops to arrive on the ground when the US attacked the Taliban in Afghanistan. He was attending school in Southern California when he passed away in his sleep on February 18, 2008. He was just 27 years old. CJ was a nice guy and he made us all proud to be Americans. I can't seem to put into words how I feel about my friends Mark, Anne, Jeremy and Emily's great loss. All I can say is that I love them all and will always remember watching CJ grow up, his smile and the great respect he showed everyone.

If you'd like to see a picture of Me, Mark and our other close friend Gary Dick click here >> The Mick, The Spick and the Dick. We started hanging out together in the 1970's when we were young and we still knew it all. One of our wives (or ex-wives)  gave us this Politically Incorrect nickname back then. We loved it.

 Talk about a talented group. Mark is has been a journeyman carpenter, a construction foreman, a Sonoma County building inspector and was a paramedic for 9 years in between all that. Emily has just entered high school and is a Cheer Leader. Ann among other things is also a paramedic and an attorney. Mark and Ann met while working in Oakland as paramedic's in the 80's. They went into the Cyprus Structure together minutes after the Loma Preita earthquake in 1987 and worked on rescue efforts there. Jeremy is studying medicine at Georgetown University in Washington DC and will soon start Residency.

The Phone Company

My wife says "Look at all of those Old Farts" when she sees this picture. I resemble that remark. We all worked hard at the Phone Company for over 30 years each to get this good lookin'. Back Row Gary Fritsche, Davis Holland (me), Pete Christianson and Steve Willis. Font Row Bill Graves and Bruce Pearson (Napa Switching Chief). Outside the Black Bear Restaurant Rohnert Park Ca. December 2005.

Eric and Imelda at the beach October 2001.Eric and Imelda at Margies Mom's House January 2004.Mitz Christmas 2004Best Friends January 2004.

These are pictures of our close friends Eric and Imelda and their kids Mitzi (16) and Shaun (13). The left picture was taken at a beach resort about 15

miles north of Dumaguete during our trip to the Philippines October of 2001. The rest were taken during our 4 month stay in Dumaguete in 2003. This picture is a little out of date. Eric and Imelda have separated but remained friends of each other just as they are both still our close friends. Eric is back in the Philippines and Imelda lives in Kent Washington.



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