Fire Photo's November 6th 2005

  My ISP was down for over 24 hours because of a fire downtown on November 6th 2005. The furniture/appliance store where we bought most of our furniture and appliances burned down along with several other buildings.

  The fire started in a small stall like clothing store and worked its way down the block thru several buildings before jumping an alley and burning down PO's Marketing. It started in the clothing store then went thru a bicycle shop, a small furniture store, and a very small pharmacy then skipped over several small shops down an alley including the Department of Immigration where all foreigners are supposed to be registered. Finally it burned an Optometrist's office where I get my eyeglasses (her and husband lived upstairs above the shop) before it got to the appliance store.

   Fire trucks came from up to 50 miles away to help fight the fire. Power and thus my ISP was out downtown for over 24 hours. The largest department store in town which is on the other side of the block and can be seen with people on the roof about 5 floors up watching the fire closed for the afternoon. You can see all of the employees dressed in blue out on the street in one of the photos.

  I started taking photos about a block away and then worked my way down and around the block and back to the beginning. The last couple of shots are of the Times Mercantile that was burned out of its last location 5 years ago. I am surprised that the old dried out building that it is in now didn't burn down too. The fire started next door but the fire wall between the two saved the old store.

  There were only a few minor injuries to a couple of people accounted to the blaze. Thanks be to god.

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