Fiesta Balugo 2007

We had a few friends over to dinner October 27, 2007. They call it "Fiesta". Each year on the same date our section of town Balugo celebrates "Fiesta". Everybody in our area has as many friends as they can feed over for Fun, Food and Beverage. People prepare for days for the event. Many pigs were slaughtered and much time spent fixing food. The center piece of the table is always a Lechon Pig.

We had two of them. One outside and this one on the table inside. The one inside didn't last long. (There's probably only about 25 minutes between these two shots).

The one outside wasn't uncovered for about an hour so it lasted about 1 hour and 5 minutes longer than the one inside.

It's in the middle of this crowd with a whole bunch of forks sticking in it.

Many Slaves were employed to prepare the meal (Below)

As you can see above we fed the slaves well. Ok they are really my niece and several of our cousins.

AJ, Margie and VirgieA slightly different view with AJ facing the computer.

These two are responsible for most of the work that installed the smiles on the faces of all the people in the rest of the pictures (below). My Mother In-Law "Sylvia" managed to hide from the camera or she would be in the picture above with my Wife Margie and Sister In-Law Virgie. They all put their best effort into a really great party. The ladies pictured above didn't even eat until after 11:00PM when everyone went home and then not much. All I did was open soft drinks and beers for my friends.


And now the rest of the pictures.

The lens hasn't foggede up yet. Dahlia and WilliamThe lens frosted over comming out of a aircondidioned room.Same Foggy Lens. ?,Lyn (6 months pregnant), CoryDahlia feeding herself.Dietmar,Tim,Gary,RolandInday and RudyNormanMeling, Christie,?,Elvie.Cousin Annet, That's Pat talking to Graham in the background.Raquel, Tess,ElvieMarisa,Scott,LynLeta and John Lennon?,Louisa,?,Thor?,Louisa,?,Royce,ThorAmbrosia,Lechi Flan,Mango Float,Brownies,Spaghetti,Salad DressingMy Ciutie Pie and my Brother In-Law EdgarEdgar and Cousin DahliaVirgie and DahliaCan I have some more Lechi Flan please?What the hell is that Spaghetti doing on the Desert Table?Dahlia and MargieDahlia is single if your are young and enterested.Dahlia is single if you are young and enterestedRoland (Purple),Cliff,Don

The Next Morning at 5:00 AM

Headed for the 6 AM ferry to Depolog. Jobert, Bobong, Ian.Tiger the dog spent the night guarding things.Where's the pig?

A quick note.

Three days later the ladies were still washing knifes, forks, spoons and plates and putting them away for next time. We'll be back living in Northern California next year so it looks like this is our last Fiesta for a while.


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