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I really love this. It's Kilgore Trout's Head Stone from the book "Breakfast of Champions" By Kurt Vonnegut.

Fire, Fire, Fire

My Nephew Jake at work.


Our friend Pete on his Birthday

margie and Friends 

Litz, Lennie, Mar-J, Lorna, margie, Vergie

Margie and Arlene

Margie and Arlene in SF..

DGTE Sunrise Late October 2007.

Sunrise on the Blvd. in DGTE.

The software I used to build this site (Microsoft Front Page 2003) said I should list all of my favorite web pages here. So here are a few web pages I like to visit.
As of 01-14-2009 I have started using Microsoft Expressions Web 3 to clean up and modify my pages. In 2014 I started using Web Expressions 3. As you se I have lost the borders for the linkgs below. They will reapear as soon as I figure out how to get them back.

Just click on the highlighted name of any of these sites to be taken there.

 (I.E. Click on Den Koontz's name to be taken to his web site)


  • Mary Holland Books

  • Mary Holland is married to my Uncle Bob. She is a fine writer of Science Fiction/Fantasy Books. Both the books she has Published ("Matcher Rules" and "The Bone Road") are in their "14th Edition". I can hardly wait for the next one to be published.

  • Dean Koontz.


    •  Dean Koontz is another crazy writer with more talent than...., than...., well than Isaac Asimov. Now that's saying a lot. Check out his web site by clicking on his name above. I don't know if he is as smart as Isaac Asimov (who wrote text books as well as science fiction) but he sure is a good writer. His dog is pretty smart though, she sends me emails all the time.


  • Author Ken Dalton


    •  I used to work for Ken @ "The Phone Company". Now he writes great books about a crazy lawyer from Carson City Nevada. The Lawyer's name is Pinky Delmont and his sidekicks are a crazy Basque guy named Bear Zabarte and his girlfriend Flo. If you're really cool you will buy several copies of each of Ken's three books and give them out as Christmas or Birthday presents. Ken will even autograph them for you.



    NASA Home

    •  Watch NASA TV and learn something dummy. I did and now I aint so dumb as I used to was.


  • Snopes Web Site.


    • If your tired of email about things that seem too good or bad to be true. Check out The Snopes Web site. They have information that debunks internet rumors and lies.

    • You should look here before you forward anything you think might be untrue.

    • Keep going back as they are constantly updating their site.

    • You can also check out inaccurate emails at



  • Scam Busters Web Site

    • Being Smart Is NOT Enough to Protect Yourself Against Clever Online and Offline Scammers...

    • Sign up for this newsletter to get regular updates about Internet Scams.


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On the road to Twin Lakes. Negros Oriental 2003.

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