Family & Some Friends Too


At the Luau Rohnert Park California February 2000.

A picture of our friends Bill and Beth Graves with us at a Hawaiian party. Rohnert Park Summer 2000.

Happy Couple on their Wedding Day. February 2003.

Newly Weds.

My sister Shirley and her husband Frank. February 2003.


Maddie Whisper and Busy the cats relaxing in the window at my sister's house in Las Vegas.    February 2003.

Anglers note. "To Catch One Of These Use A Deep Fried Pork Chop As Bait And Smile A Lot".

Feed Me!

Mom (Sylvia Pinili).


Jewlers Wherehouse Santa Rosa.

Friends Mike and Agnes from Santa Rosa Ca. Agnes is from Dumaguete.

Jan and Darrell Starr.

Daryl and Jan Starr December 2005. Jan is the artist who painted my picture (see below)

What's his name?Standing next to a painting of What's his name?

Me myself and I, a painting of me by my friend Jan Starr.


Dave, Mark and Gary.

The Mick, The Spick and the Dick. Dec. 2005. Old Friends

Airview of Tongo Sail Inn and Anchorage

Tambobo Bay Negros Oriental. Click on the picture above to be taken to the Tongo Sail Inn web site.

Gary and Rozel Heinze 2007.

Gary and Rozel.

Auntie Cecilia.

Margie's Auntie Cecilia on her 69th Birthday.

Pre-Wedding Party in Cebu.

The Original Snoop Dog @ Sonoma County Fair July 2007.

Sonoma County Fair Hall of Flowers 2005.

Margie Shopping in Singapore Sept. 2007.

Rofie and Margie.

Arlene and Margie.

Rofie, Arlene, Margie and Lotis.

Rich and Sharon

Jo's Chicken 

Jo's Inato (Great Chicken)

Jo's Inato

The BBQ AT Jo's Inato 

Lhouriefel Margie and Dahlia
Lhouriefel Margie and Dahlia.

Margie and Dahlia

Party Girls April 2000.Cebu City, Cebu November 2003.Brothers 2003.

The Picture on the left is Margie's and her good buddies at her 30th birthday party in 2000. Front Row Left to Right...Arlene, Margie, and Lotis Back Row Left to Right... Marisa, Beth, Manang, and Amy. Rohnert Park April 2000.  The middle picture is of Margie, her mom (Sylvia) and Virgie at the Kiwi Lodge in Cebu City October 2003. The right picture is of Margie's brothers Edgar and William on her mom's front porch in December 2003.

Ed at Shirleys in Las Vegas 2002?Ed at Shirleys in Las Vegas 2002?

My son Ed and I in my Sisters Las Vegas backyard late summer 2004.

Ed and Jen at Chris's house in Windsor 2002?Ed and Jen at Chris's house in Windsor 2002?

These are two pictures of my Son Ed and his significant other Jen when I visited with them in Windsor California December of 2005. I can't remember Ed's dog's name.

Ed and Jen Santa Rosa 2006.Margie and Jen Santa Rosa 2006.

Ed and Jen @ John Ash & Company July 2007.Ed and Jen @ John Ash & Company July 2007.

My Son and his girlfriend Jennifer (and us too) in 2006 at Chili's in Santa Rosa California and 2007 at John Ash & Company where Ed used to be a chef  They live in Chicago now..

Good Friends and Family to boot. December 2003.Workmate and close friend Milie and Husband "Dudong" Jan 2004.Friends

The picture on the left is of Manang Boy and Manang Linda at the "Shrine" in their front yard. The middle is of Margie's good buddy Milie and her husband Dodong. Milie and Marge used to work together at "Tops and Bottoms" a department store in downtown Dumaguete City. The last picture is of Anna (Margie's cousin) and Marge sandwiched between good friends Milie and Imelda.

Margie and Lorifil on Mom's couch. Balugo 2003.Mom and Margie December 2003.

Left. Margie and our 11 year old Niece Lhouriefel. Right are Margie and her mom. (A/O October of 2003) Lhouriefel is a 22 year old School Teacher now.(see below)

Lhouriefel and Margie

Twenty Two year old Lhouriefel is the young women to the left of Margie.

Bob and Mary @ Nicks Rockaway Beach 2006.Jim and David 2004.

Left is my Uncle Bob Holland with his wife Mary in November of 2005. Uncle Bob is more like a brother than an uncle. Right is my Cousin Jim Holland and his significant other David when we visited them in San Diego July of 2004.

Margie and David 2004.Margie, Jim and David 2004.

The picture at the left is of David and Margie at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. These little birds were a gas to feed. Right is Margie, Jim and David

Rich and Sharon 2006?

Left is our friends Rich and Sharon from Rohnert Park I remember when Rich and I were kids in the 60's going to Sharon's house in Daly City to play Hearts. Right is Margie at a party @ Scott and marilyn's 2014


Davis and Margie on Dave's 65th Birthday

Jake and Hailey 2006?Jake Racing 2006?

These pictures are of my Nephew Jake Frame. Left is Jake with his daughter Hailey who is sitting on his racing bike.  Right is of Jake racing. Jake is an Fireman in Washington State.

Faked up picture by Dave 2007.

Our Friend Chris (California), Vergie (Nampa, Idaho) and Margie (Nampa, Idaho) in a trumped up photo I made in March of 2007.

(There are only two round garden spots with lamps, I had to stitch together two photos (in the left column) to make up this threesome. Please note that Margie appears a little larger than Chris and Vergie. The background was a real pain in the rear to make look right)

Red Rock Nevada.

Red Rock Next To Las Vegas Nevada.

Friends Christmas 2006. Update 11/1/2014, The little kid on the left (JP) is now a High School Graduate..

 By Best Bud CliffKeep Smiling Cliff 
The above pictures are of my best friend Cliff. Cliff had been been my friend since 1958 or 1959, too long ago to remember exactly.
Cliff passed away March 5th 2010 while his Sisters, Margie and I were at his side. I will miss him dearly. Really close friends are hard to come by. It really sucks when you loose the closest one. Thank God I have been blessed with several.
Cliff I loved you like my brother.

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On the road to Twin Lakes. Negros Oriental 2003.

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