My brother Butch and I. Butch is on the bike. I am being held up by the wheel. April 1950.

My Family Behind The Scenes

This Page Is Still Under Construction

I thought I would make a semi private area where I can put pictures that are of more interest to just my family. These pages won't be included in the regular navigation bars of the web site even though they can be found by clicking on the picture you used to get here. I hope you enjoy them.

My mother Doris Holland taken in 1949. I can't ell if this is just before I was born or just after. The coat hides a lot.The lovely ladies on the left are my mom Doris Holland and my Aunt Janie in the mid 50's with Grandpa Dave Melanphy..
Shirley circa 1962.Our house on Wiklow Dr. South San Francisco early 50's
@ Grandma and Grandpa Melanphy's house in the early 60's.
My mom Doris Holland at 8 months Circa 1922.Great Grandma Hilma Wegardh Anderson. I think she passed away in the 1930's.

My sister Shirley and my Brother Butch circa 1967.Shirley in 1967.
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