Margie and I. Aint she cute?Just the two of us.

Our Tenth Anniversary May 19 ,2008.

Wow! It's our 10th Anniversary. I can't believe I have been married to this really sweet lady for ten years already. Her beauty goes all the way down to the bone. I am truly a blessed man. Being married to Margie has been and is still a truly wonderful experience.

We had a fun get together with almost fifty close friends at the New Panorama Beach Resort in Sibulan << click here to go to their web page. Lori the owner put on a great feed and even surprised us with the nice sign you see behind us in the pictures above.

We hope to have another party in May of 2018 with all of these same friends for our 20th anniversary.

We will be  leaving the Philippines this September to move home to Sonoma County in Northern California. We will miss all of the wonderful people you see here and many others that weren't able to attend. These people are what makes living here worthwhile.


Lorifil and MargieJocalyn, ?, Raquel
Scott, Alan, Alan, Al,and RussRuss, Scott, Alan and Al's Bald Head.
Alan, Aldon and RussMildred and Bebe
Don and ChristyCynthia and Shirley
Norman, Cliff, and William
Al and RaquelRoland, Ceasr, and Rudy
Cora, Mary and ?Norman and Cliff
Don and Lori. Good work Lori the food was great.Pastor Bob and Michael. Darrell is way in the background
Lyn and JasimDon, Meling and Christy.
Bebe, Inday, Jasim, Elvie, Leta, and Nora.Nora, Cynthia and Shirley.
Cliff and Bebe
Lorifil, Margie, Jocalyn and Raquel.
Margie, Nora, Jocalyn, Lori and RaquelScott, Bastor Bob, Grace, Jack, Alan and Dietmar.
Alan and CoraRuss and Christy
Michael and Elena "Cheereo Michael"Mildred, Meling, Nora, Jasim, Lori, Inday, Margie, Lyn, Elvie, Lita.
margie and lyn

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On the road to Twin Lakes. Negros Oriental 2003.

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