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Welcome To Davis and Margie's Web Page

You can never have enough friends. These pages are filled with my friends and family. Life is short, so you should enjoy those close to your heart to the fullest. Never let them go. Remember to forgive and forget. You can never have life long friends without being able to forgive.  Friends are Gods Blessing to help you get thru the hard tests that life will throw your way. I have been very blessed to know and share my life with the people on these pages.


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Note: Some of the pictures on this site have high resolution copies if you want to see them. Just look for the little hand when you put the cursor on a photo, if you see it then clicking will get you the hi-res version of that photo.

If you plan on moving or visiting here to Dumaguete for a long period you should check out the Motorcycle Safety Info page. Click on the link in the navigation pane above to go there.

I didn't pinch her. Honest.

Biker Babe.

Margie in her Leathers at the Redwood Run, Garberville California. (July 2000)

Pretty Lady 2010

High Beams (Circa 1998)

Glamor Girl 

We are Davis and Margie and we welcome you to our Web Pages. We live in Nampa Idaho we moved back from Dumaaguete City, Negros Oriental, We left the Philippines in 2015 after spending only 8 months living there. I'm tired of the Philippines for now. Next time we'll just visit not move. I have very little experience building a Web Site so the results will have to speak for themselves. This site is a work in progress so keep coming back to see if anything has changed. This page changed again Dec 6 ,2010. Some of these pages are getting old. As of early December 2009 I have been saying I was going to update this web site for about 7 yeasrs. "Procrastination", it's a way of life. I actually started updating 12-6-2010. Lets see how long it takes me to get to the other pages. Still in process 11/01/2014.

Enter at your own risk.

I used have a Weather Station mounted on our shed in the back yard.  You can check it out at the link below.

 The Weather Station is in a box on the way here to the Philippines. Who knows when it will arrive and get mounted up on my antenna pole above the house. The Weather Station left Seattle sometime around October 5th.

World Time Provided By Qlock International



Married May 19, 1998.

Margie and I were married at the Silliman University Church in Dumaguete City Philippines in May 1998.

Margie Vergie and Little Samantha

Margie her Sister Virgie and Vergie's Daughter Samantha (Spring 2010)

What me worry. A. E. Newman

To go to the Veteran's Administration Hepatitis C Web Site. Click Here.

Two Palms on the road from Balugo to Camanjac.

Look at our great online photo album just chock full of  pictures of us, our family, and our friends (Way to many pictures of all of us.). You'll see great pictures like the one below. That's Marge and I on the cover of Easyriders Magazine. Gosh! Don't we look swell? (Retch) If you think it's a real magazine cover I have some property just below Mid-Span of the Golden Gate Bridge I'd like to sell you. It has a great view of the water. Just click on the  "Photo Album" link above to see more of these terrific pictures.

 The way I look at this whole web site is like it's a slide show that you got trapped into watching on Saturday evening when you came to my house for dinner. The good part is that when you get tired of looking at all of this stuff you can just click on another web site and forget all about the whole damn thing. Enjoy!

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Leather and Chrome. Ahh!

We don't ride anymore but I still like this shot of our 2000 special construction Harley powered motorcycle (we sold it in May of 2004).

Wow! Ain't they Beautiful.

What is that crawling on my left ear?

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport Aug. 20 2003 the first step on our 35 hour journey to Dumaguete City. (What the heck is Marge looking at any way?) (Did she hear someone hit a jackpot at one of the slot machines behind her?)

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I had to change our guestbook again, due to spammers using it. We still get spam but I delete it as soon as I get a notification email saying there is a new entry. It started over on March 23,2008.

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